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Kick off EPOSM!

Evidence-based Prevention Of Sporting-related Match-fixing

EPOSM involves an Erasmus+ collaborative partnership between academic and on-the-field organisations which studies sporting-related match-fixing in different sport disciplines on a European level and organizes tailor-made training sessions.  


“To raise knowledge, awareness, and moral judgment about sporting-related match-fixing among people involved in sport, by using an evidence-based approach which can inspire others”


“Safeguarding fair play in sport by striving for a competition free of match-fixing”  


  • Raising awareness about the prevalence of sporting-related match-fixing


  • Stimulating moral judgment-regarding the fact that sporting-related match-fixing is wrong, as it threatens the credibility and attractiveness of sport


  • Sharing and transferring knowledge on sporting-related match-fixing through the organisation of a training procedure

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