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Belgian Olympic Academy


Ghent University, the Université catholique de Louvain and the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee have combined their academic know-how and expertise in a new edition of the Belgian Olympic Academy. This unique programme professionalises management in sport organisations according to the latest academic and practical insights and brings the leadership and management skills of sport managers up to the highest level.


The programme runs over just over one year, from January 2023 to March 2024. The training is spread over 5 modules of 2 to 3 days (in-house). These take place in different centres of Sport Vlaanderen/ADEPS. We start at BOIC and finish at Sportimonium. For the three-day international course we are hosted by the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. Throughout the year, participants work on a practical project within their own or another sports organisation.



The 2023-2024 edition is coordinated by UC Louvain. The registration module and the most recent information can be found on their website. You can register until 1 November 2022.

A unique management training


1. During the training, professors and experts from the work field will highlight current management themes focused on the needs of sport organizations, in a 50/50 balance between theory and practice.

2. The residential module system allows to combine training with social activities and networks.

3. During a two-day business game, participants will solve a realistic case in which they put all the acquired knowledge into practice.

4.  The study trip to Lausanne offers visits to the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Museum, as well as to international sport federations, the World Anti-Doping Agency and other top bodies within the sport world.

5. Participants work out a practical project within their own or another sport organization.


One of the strengths of the BOA is its network. The "BOA club" alumni association offers the BOA' ers the opportunity to stay in touch with each other, and to meet colleagues who are equally passionate about sport and management.

Practical information


The program will run for approximately one year, from January 2023 to March 2024 . The training is spread over 5 modules of 2 or 3 days from 09h00 (day 1) to 17h00 (day 2). The modules take place in different centers of Sport Vlaanderen/ADEPS. We start in the BOIC. For the three-day international training we are received by the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. 



During the training, professors and experts from the field highlight current management themes focused on the needs of sports organizations. These themes include strategic management, leadership, marketing, communication, sponsorship, finance, human resources management, ethics, integrity and sustainability. The program offers a 50/50 balance between theory and practice. 



The modules will be taught in English. 


Registration price 

The registration price of the training is €3.950. 
This includes: lessons, business game, documents, overnight stays and meals in the centers of Sport Vlaanderen/ADEPS, three-day international management training at the IOC in Lausanne (incl. travel & accommodation), guidance with the practical project and support with the courses_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



Registrations are now open (see registration link). 
Candidates must register online, as well as prepare a CV and motivation letter. The registration period will close on November 1, 2022. The training allows a maximum of 30 participants. Participants are accepted based on their profile, motivation letter and registration date. They will be notified by email. 


More information can be obtained from the coordinator of this edition
Prof. dr. Géraldine Zeimers

Alumni Testimonials

Mathias Rondou - Director Rugby Flanders

"The BOA training has inspired me in management and strategic areas. I learned things like drawing up, monitoring and visualizing a policy plan and how to better manage a federation. I now use many things in my own federation. Lecturers from ( national and international) federations share their good examples or functioning.


During the trip to Lausanne I came into contact with the workings of the IOC and a number of international organizations. Especially from the FEI (International Federation of Equestrian Sports), chaired by Ingmar De Vos, we received a number of practical examples that we could immediately apply to our own organization.


The strongest point of the training is the network. Thanks to the training you come into contact with the other participants (from federations as well as from other (sports) organisations) but also with various teachers and organizations. They are contacts that I still use today."


Steven Thys – director Paddle Sport Flanders

"The BOA has given me a more realistic picture of international (sports) structures and the links with our local sports policy. Theoretical sports management models are provided by both academics and specialists from the field, and gave me inspiration for a restructuring of my own federation .


The mix between theory and practice was the greatest asset of this training for me. A study trip to Lausanne with a focus on Olympism is a real eye-opener and creates a close bond between the participant"

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