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Belgian Olympic Academy

Belgian Olympic Academy

UGent, UC Leuven and the BOIC are combining their academic know-how and expertise in a new edition of the Belgian Olympic Academy. This unique program professionalizes management in sports organizations according to the latest academic and practical insights and brings leadership and management skills of sports managers to top level.


The program lasts one year and starts in January 2025. The training is spread over five 2-day modules and one 1-day module and takes place in different centers of Sport Flanders and ADEPS. Two 3-day international trainings are planned where we are hosted by the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne and the Dutch Olympic Committee - Dutch Sport federation (NOC*NSF) in Papendal. All classes will be taught in English.

The registration fee is €3,950. This includes: lessons, business game, accommodation and meals at the centers of Sport Vlaanderen/ADEPS, two three-day international courses to the IOC in Lausanne (incl. travel & accommodation) and NOC-NSF in Papendal (incl. accommodation), supervision of the practical project and support with the courses.

A unique training

1. Professors and experts from the field highlight current management themes tailored to the needs of sports organizations, in a 50/50 balance between theory and practice.

2. The residential module system allows you to combine training with social activities and networking.

3. During a multi-day business game, participants will solve a realistic case in a group in which they put all acquired knowledge into practice.

4. The study tour to Lausanne includes visits to the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Museum, as well as to international sports federations, the World Antidoping Agency and other top bodies within the sports world.

5. Participants work on a practical project within their own or another sports organization.


One of the strengths of the BOA is its network. We offer BOA members the opportunity to stay in touch with each other and to meet colleagues who are equally passionate about sports and management.

Alumni Testimonials

Sven Van Keymeulen – Head of Sports Department Aalst

As a sports professional, I was immersed for a year and a half in a world of like-minded people working in the management of sports organisations. Even though I already had some years of experience as head of the city of Aalst's sports department, the BOA allowed me to gain new insights and expand my professional network exponentially.


In my case, the training resulted in a sports policy plan for our city which means we will continue to reap the benefits of this extremely exciting management training in the very long term. The interaction between the teachers and trainees, the business game and the visit to the sports federations and the IOC in Lausanne will leave a lasting impression on me.

Frederik Van Lierde – Manager Topsport Defence

The Belgian Olympic Academy provided an insightful exploration of various aspects of sports management, catering to both novices and seasoned professionals alike. Networking opportunities within the academy proved invaluable for establishing connections within the sports industry. Moreover, the program facilitated an in-depth exploration of both Flemish and Walloon sports infrastructure. The culmination of this experience, the final project, serves not only as a repository of knowledge but also offers practical insights that can be applied within your own organization.

Antoine Buytaert – International Affairs team of 2024 Paris Olympic Games Committee

The Belgian Olympic Academy has given me a thorough perspective on how to apply skills derived from my Management background into the specific environment of sport organizations. It has allowed me not only to better understand the interactions between the different stakeholders active in the broad sport industry, but also to build long-lasting and resilient bands with a large network of practitioners with diverse -yet complementary- backgrounds. Besides, very concretely, it has also allowed me to get a job which brings my two passions for Public Affairs and Sport together, by joining the Olympic Games Organising Committee.

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